Interview Day

Photo by Sophiemei

Hey, Dear all
im so sorry i have disappeared whole week!!
ye, so what about this week im so busy!?
i had interview for a job
so i spent few days to Taipei and back home one day
exhausted!! and i have no time to see everyone!!

Finally...i got a job!!!
im so happy i got what i want
it's about fashion!!
OMG! i will do my best!!
and another details when i back monday
i will tell u the news :D

PS. i so appreciate many people(not many...haaha)to read my blog
even im not good at English!! hhaha
thank u so much!! enjoy it!!

Sister took me a photo...first one
i really dont like it!!
she needs to practice more and more
Jacket by G2000; dress by CHICA; shoes by Maggie's love; necklace by Accessorize

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