Interview Day

Photo by Sophiemei

Hey, Dear all
im so sorry i have disappeared whole week!!
ye, so what about this week im so busy!?
i had interview for a job
so i spent few days to Taipei and back home one day
exhausted!! and i have no time to see everyone!!

Finally...i got a job!!!
im so happy i got what i want
it's about fashion!!
OMG! i will do my best!!
and another details when i back monday
i will tell u the news :D

PS. i so appreciate many people(not many...haaha)to read my blog
even im not good at English!! hhaha
thank u so much!! enjoy it!!

Sister took me a photo...first one
i really dont like it!!
she needs to practice more and more
Jacket by G2000; dress by CHICA; shoes by Maggie's love; necklace by Accessorize


Resort resort 2010! i expect ur comming

Photo: style.com
Photoshop by Sophiemei

Resort 2010 show just finished half a month
time is passing away
and i so expect S/S 2010 comming!!
ok!!that me tell u what i like in those brands

3.1 Phillip lim
i always love this brand
3.1 no longer be the next Chloe
3.1 is3.1
he is still changing!

this suit is amazing

well executed!!

i wanna buy the jacket


Stella McCarney

this is one of my favorite in the resort

i just want all of them

see! the jumpsuit and the dress, the paillette jacket

im crazy about it!! btw is Anouck Lepere

ya!!i love her so much, she is so cute

tell me what about ur best want in the resort!

see u!!i will be show the newst photo soon~


Skin & Nail

photo by Sophiemei

Yesterday our family had lunch about Japanese food
we had fun in there, and standed there for few hours
i had to say that's really full
we spent wonderful weekend in the afternoon

Finished lunch, sister and i went to skin food shop
bought some stuffs , we spent more hour in there
at last i bought two colors nail and a cheeks brush
i really love the colors, i wanna show about this all

sorry abou my finger and hand, totally ugly!!
b i love the color so much!!
and so exciting tomorrow shopping & meet with girls!!
see u!!!!!!!!!!


what i love Christian Dior Fall 2009 Couture

photo: style.com
photoshop by Sophiemei

These day lot of Couture show live on everywhere

Chanel, Armani Prive, Givenchy, Lacroix...etc

all i focus in Dior

i love it, i love John Galliano

everydetail, everytailor, everyluxurious

those of days i still dreaming in Dior

BTW another we should talk about Resort 2010!!

i love these hat, dramatic but beauty